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One of the best things about travel, is meeting talented, inspiring people a long the way who make beautiful things.

Here, I am happy to introduce to you some of the daring, creative people I meet who choose to follow their hearts and create things. Please love and support them as I do!

Meet Kenny from LaViers Crafts

I was a 17 year old new mother, working multiple jobs and going to school when I met Kenny. We both worked at Albertson’s Grocery Store in Panama City, Florida. Kenny was 17 also, and a high school student who worked evenings and weekends bagging and stocking groceries…

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Meet Nadia from The Mermaid’s Mirror

With some people, you just know the instant you meet them. You can just feel the energy, the magic of all the possibilities they hold in your future. That’s the way it was the day I met Nadia…

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