Welcome to Never or Now, a blog about the adventures of an empty-nester, and the inspirational people I’m fortunate enough to meet along the way. I’m glad you’re here!

As a very young bride and mother, I waited many years for the time I would get to experience a life of travel. They say that good things come to those who wait, and I’m sure counting on it! The nest has been empty for nearly two years and my three lovely humans are off living their own lives and creating new humans at a fairly rapid pace. I’m now a young, adventuring grandma (of two boys born this year) who is anxious to explore the world!

Mumm Napa Cuvée
Stehekin, Washington

In my first post, I explained the events that led to my decision to travel and blog, and why the blog title is Never or Now (Yes, I was physically thrown out of a Seattle bar and into a new reality). I am still growing and learning as a person and as a writer and I’m confident that I always will be. Blogging is something that is completely new for me, but I’m excited that doing this will allow me to combine several of my favorite things; traveling, writing, meeting people and eating.  Be warned though, my loved ones have been kind enough to point out that I am often a bit of a walking contradiction. While I have an ever present desire to travel and go on grand adventures, I’m also a hopeless homebody, almost to the point of being a shut-in in between my trips. I’m a juicer who loves to sink her teeth into a giant bacon cheeseburger. I also love camping out in remote areas that you have to hike to, but once there, I really like to have a champagne toast to celebrate (which means packing the bottle in and then back out again). There is more, but I’ll save that for future posts…:)

My favorite mode of travel is by foot with just a few belongings in my backpack. That may sound a bit hardcore, but it’s not. Through-hiking is certainly admirable and something that I aspire to do more of, but at this point, five or six nights in a row out in the woods is about my limit. I find that I prefer a hot shower, a nice meal, and a bed to sleep in. Caminos and trekking trips, where I can sleep in a hostel each night, are what I’ve found that I really enjoy. The peace and ease of a simple life walking each day, getting to know a country, its people and culture intimately, at an unhurried pace is the ideal adventure to me. But don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a short break at a four or five star hotel now and then.

Stehekin, Washington

Currently, I call Hawaii my home base, but now find that I spend almost equal time in Seattle with my daughters and new grandsons. I’ve been blessed to live in many parts of the U.S. and at one point, got to experience living in England for nearly four years. Typically, I fall even more in love with each new place, but my heart planted itself quite firmly in Cornwall and has struggled to move on from there. I do have to admit that Hawaii has recently managed to work its way into my heart as well. My home is in He’eia, which is an out of the way area on the windward side of Oahu. My tiny cottage sits on Kaneohe Bay, which is sandwiched between the breathtaking Lanikai and Kailua beaches on one side and the beautiful country setting of the North Shore on the other. It’s honestly like living in a writer’s retreat. To get into Honolulu, I have to make a 40 minute drive over the mountains, but I have to admit that it rarely happens. When it does, it’s usually to go to the airport, attend a concert or play, or for a specific event I couldn’t manage to get out of. With all of that said, my plan is to pare down and consolidate all of my belongings over the next few months, put what’s left in storage and then travel full time.

When I travel I tend to meet people and form the most amazing friendships. I’m a chatty sort and I’ve always found it easy to launch discussions with complete strangers and have them open up to me completely in turn. Usually within the first 15 minutes or so, I know enough about a person to write at least one chapter of a book. I suppose this is because the people I encounter have always been the most alluring reason for travel. Yes, I enjoy seeing places and experiencing foods from different cultures, but the people I meet, having the opportunity to learn their stories and the ensuing friendships formed, are what it’s mostly all about for me. Many of my closest friends were strangers I found myself seated next to on an airplane, train, or bus. Several others were met while walking the Camino or while at writing seminars. I find that I gain strength and inspiration from these brave, adventurous, creative, souls whom I come across while out gallivanting. This blog will feature interviews with them so that you can have an opportunity to share in the inspiration as well.

Sweet Jenny

The blog will also offer travel itineraries, tips and some of my own experiences for places and links with contact information for you to use when you’re ready to go. In addition, I will sometimes write a post about something that is churning around in my mind, this is really just my method of productive venting so please, take it or leave it, but always feel free to comment!

In the future, I am hoping to make available for purchase some of the exceptionally crafted handmade goods that I find while traveling, and by doing so, you’ll help others who are trying to make a living from their creative pursuits and passions as well. Please stand by on this, I’ll keep you posted!

You may always comment or email with any questions you have and I will get back to you with answers as quickly as I can. Or, is there an adventure you’ve always wanted to go on, but just haven’t gotten the opportunity yet? Would you like someone to go and then tell you about all the ins and outs ahead of time? Send me an email and I will try to make it happen! 🙂

Thank you again for visiting Never or Now. I really hope that you find some inspiration here and are compelled to pass it along by sharing with others. 


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